Nixa 3  West Plains 0

1st Half:
Nixa Goal – Jacob Romero, assisted by Tanner Powley
Nixa Goal – Hunter Daniels, assisted by Jacob Voi
Nixa Goal – Romero, assisted by Voi
Nixa’s Shutout shared by Nick Reid and Nathan Rapert
Nixa’s Record is 14-7, West Plains 6-11
Nixa JV 4  West Plains 0
Nixa goals by Jayden Blount, Bryce Richmond, Cooper Hines, Kyle Hirsch; Assists by Pablo Salazar, Riley Lister, Garrett Robertson
Nixa Shutout by Nathan Rapert
Nixa’s JV Record is 16-2-2
Nixa finishes the regular season hosting Glendale on Thursday.

Nixa 5  Branson  2

1st half:
Nixa Goal:  Tanner Powley, assist by Hunter Daniels
Branson Goal:  Dwight Hyde unassisted
2nd Half:
Nixa Goal:  Jacob Romero assist by Ethan Pellegren
Nixa Goal:  Romero unassisted
Branson Goal:  Cris Abarca unassisted
Nixa Goal:  Own Goal assist by Tyler Stoneberger
Nixa Goal:  Daniels assist by Romero
Nixa’s Record is 13-7, 8-0 in the COC; Nixa is the 2017 Boys Soccer COC Champions
Branson’s Record is 13-7, 4-4 in the COC
Nixa JV  2  Branson JV  0
Goals by Cooper Hines and Jake Bruton, assists by Jayden Blount and Riley Lister
Shutout by Nathan Rapert
Nixa JV plays in the Kickapoo Tournament this weekend
The teams finish up the regular season at West Plains on Tuesday and at home against Glendale on Thursday.

Nixa 5- Central 1

First Half:
Nixa 1 Ethan Pellegren, assisted by Cooper Hines
Nixa 2 Cooper Hines, assisted by Carson Beets
Nixa 3 Own Goal, assisted by Beets
Second Half
Central 1 Uzi Sda, unassisted
Nixa 4 Hunter Daniels, assisted by Beets
Nixa 5 Brady Harrison, PK

Recent Results

Nixa 4 -Ozark 2: Goals – Hunter Daniels – 3, Brady Harrison 1. Assists – Tanner Palmer – 1, Ethan Pellegren – 1, Nathan Hirsch – 1.

Nixa 1- Smith-Cotton 3: Goals – Tanner Powley -1, Assist – Brandon Fox – 1

Nixa 1- Monett 2: Goal – Hunter Daniels – 1, Assist – Jacob Voi – 1,

Nixa 1- Jefferson City 2: Goal – Own, Assist – Hunter Daniels – 1

Nixa 4- Willard 3: Goals – Ethan Pellegren – 3, Brady Harrison – 1, Assists – Hunter Daniels – 2

Nixa 4- Waynesville 1

First Half:

Waynesville: #10
Nixa 1: Jacob Romero, assisted by Jacob Voi and Tyler Clubb

Second Half:

Nixa 2: Romero, assisted by Hunter Daniels
Nixa 3: Own Goal, assisted by Brady Harrison
Nixa 4: Hunter Daniels, PK

Nixa is 9-1 and Waynesville is 5-3

Nixa JV 1- Waynesville 0

Goal by: Brandon Fox, unassisted

Shutout by Nick Reid and Julian Thomas

Nixa travels to Ozark on Tuesday.