Nixa 3, Glendale 2 2ndOT

First Half:
Glendale 1: Josh Call, unassisted
Glendale 2: Max Elmer, unassisted
Second Half:
Nixa 1:  Andrew Anello, unassisted
Nixa 2:  Andrew Koban, assisted by Hunter Daniels
2 OT:  Jake Romero, assisted by Brady Harrison
Nixa is 16-4, Glendale is 15-8
Nixa takes on Joplin in Districts at Ozark Monday 5pm.
Nixa JV 1, Glendale 0  Goal by Ethan Pellegren, assisted by Tanner Palmer
Shutout by Nathan Rapert
Congratulations to Nixa JV who went undefeated 18-0.  This was the first time that a Nixa JV Boys Soccer Team went undefeated.

Nixa 10- West Plains 1

First Half:
Goal 1:  Jake Romero, assisted by Payton Wissig
Goal 2:  Andrew Koban, assisted by Jacob Voi
Goal 3:  Kevin King, assisted by Wissig
Second Half:
Goal 4:  Andrew Anello, assisted by King
Goal 5:  Romero, assisted by Brady Harrison
Goal 6:  Romero, assisted by Anello
Goal 7:  Anello, assisted by King
Goal 8:  Hunter Daniels, unassisted
Goal 9:  Carter Lynn, assisted by Ross Lindeman
West Plains Goal:
Goal 10:  Ethan Pellegren, assisted by Tanner Powley
Nixa is 15-4, West Plains is 2-19
Nixa JV 7 West Plains 0
Goals by:  Ethan Pellegren, Riley Hobby, Piersavio Spontella, Tanner Powley, Jacob Carpenter, Colton Coger, Brock Nelson
Assists by:  Tanner Powley, Ethan Pellegren, Nathan Hirsch, Tanner Palmer and Cooper Hines
Shutout shared by Jake Romero and Piersavio Spontella

Nixa 2- Branson 0

1st Half – Goal – Hunter Daniels, assisted by Caleb Graham
2nd Half – Goal – Jacob Romero, assisted by Brady Harrison
Shutout by Jakob Price
Nixa Record – 14-4, 7-1 COC  Branson Record – 7-10-1, 2-6 COC
Nixa JV 3  Branson JV  1
Nixa goals by Nathan Hirsch (2), Hunter Stout
Assists by Carson Beets, Colton Coger, Brock Nelson
Nixa JV is 14-0
Nixa’s last home game is Tuesday 10/18 against West Plains, JV at 5pm Varsity at 6:45pm.

Nixa 4- Neosho 0

1st Half:
1st Goal:  Jacob Romero, assisted by Brady Harrison
2nd Goal:  Romero, unassisted
3rd Goal:  Andrew Koban, assisted by Payton Wissig
2nd Half:
4th Goal:  Romero, assisted by Hunter Daniels
Nixa Shutout by Jakob Price
Nixa’s Record is 13-4; 6-1 in the COC;  Neosho is 8-10; 1-6 COC
Nixa JV 3  Neosho 1
Nixa Goals by Ethan Pelligren (2) and Cooper Hines
Nixa goes to Branson on Thursday to take on the Pirates in their final COC contest.  Game time is 5pm for JV and 6:45pm for the Varsity.

Nixa 3- Catholic 0

First Half:
Goal by Brady Harrison, assisted by Jake Romero
Second Half:
Goal by Hunter Daniels, PK
Goal by Andrew Anello, unassisted
Shutout by Jakob Price
Nixa is 12-1, Catholic is 11-5
Nixa JV 4- Catholic 0
Goals by Nathan Hirsch (3), Ethan Pellegran
Assists by Brandon Fox, Kyle Hirsch, Colton Coger
Shutout by Nathan Rapert

Nixa 6- Willard 0

First Half:
1.  Jake Romero, assisted by Jacob Voi and Andrew Anello
2.  Mitchell Dent, assisted by Jon Dasal
3.  Romero, unassisted
Second Half:
4.  Dent, assisted by Jacob Voi and Andrew Anello
5.  Andrew Koban, assisted by Anello
6.  Ethan Pellegren, unassisted
Shutout by Jakob Price
Nixa is 11-2 (5-1 COC)  Willard is (9-6-2) (1-4 COC)
Nixa JV 2, Willard 0
Goals by:  Carson Beets and Ethan Pellegren
Assists by:  Brandon Fox and Riley Hobby
Shutout by Nathan Rapert