Nixa 2- Catholic 1

First Half:
Second Half:
Catholic Goal by Ben Rash, assisted by Ethan Schroeder
Nixa Goal 1 by:  Joey Clem, assisted by Jonathan Dasal
Nixa Goal 2 by:  Joey Clem, PK
Nixa is 16-1 and Catholic is 11-8
Nixa JV 4- Catholic 0
Goals by:  Ethan Pellegren, Tyler Stoneberger, Caleb Hildebrand, and Andrew Koban
Assists by:  Tanner Powley, Andrew Koban, Ethan Pellegren and Riley Hobby
Shutout by Nathan Rapert
Nixa hosts Glendale Thursday 5pm JV and Varsity to follow.

Nixa 4- Willard 2

First Half:
Second Half:
Nixa Goal 1:  Trustin Baker, assisted by Joey Clem
Nixa Goal 2:  Joey Clem, unassisted
Willard Goal 1:
Willard Goal 2:  Own Goal
Nixa Goal 3:  Parker Crawford, assisted Jacob Romero
Nixa Goal 4:  Joey Clem, assisted by Trustin Baker
Nixa is 12-1 (5-0 COC) and Willard is 5-9 (2-3 COC)
Nixa JV  7  Willard 0
Goals by:  Andrew Koban (2), Hayden Olson, Jack Robinson, Ethan Pellegren, Braulio Rodriguez, Own Goal
Assists by:  Riley Hobby, Tanner Palmer, Jacob Voi, Caleb Hildebrand and Andrew Koban
Nixa plays in the Gateway City Soccer Classic in St. Louis this weekend.

Nixa 2- Ozark 0

First Half:
Nixa Goal by Joey Clem, assisted by Miles Richardson
Second Half:
Nixa Goal by Parker Crawford, assisted by Trustin Baker
Shutout by Jakob Price
Nixa is 9-0 (4-0 COC)  Ozark is 7-3 (2-2 COC)
Nixa JV 2, Ozark 1
Goals by:  Tanner Palmer, Ethan Pellegren
Assists by:  Hayden Olsen, Carter Lynn and Tanner Powley
Nixa takes on Greenwood in the first round of the Kickapoo Tournament Friday at 5pm.

Nixa 4- Waynesville 1

First Half:
Nixa Goal:  Parker Crawford, assisted by Trustin Baker
Second Half:
Nixa Goal: Trustin Baker, assisted by Joey Clem
Waynesville Goal:  Caleb Rodriguez, unassisted
Nixa Goal: Joey Clem, unassisted
Nixa Goal: Miles Richardson, assisted by Parker Crawford
Nixa is 8-0, Waynesville is 8-2
Nixa JV 5 – Waynesville 0
Goals by: Hunter Daniels, Andrew Koban, Tanner Powley, Ethan Pellegren and Hayden Olson
Assists by:  Jacob Voi, Braulio Rodriguez, Ethan Pellegran and Nathan Hirsch
Shutout by:  Nathan Rapert
Nixa travels to Ozark Tuesday.

Nixa 7- Webb City 0

First Half:
Goal 1:  Trustin Baker, PK
Goal 2:  Joey Clem, assisted by Trustin Baker
Goal 3:  Parker Crawford, unassisted
Goal 4:  Trustin Baker, assisted by Hunter Daniels
Second Half:
Goal 5:  Joey Clem, assisted by Kevin King
Goal 6:  Joey Clem, assisted by Parker Crawford
Goal 7:  Parker Crawford, assisted by Peyton Gerkin
Shutout was shared by Jakob Price and Nathan Rapert
Nixa is 7-0 (3-0 COC), Webb City is 0-5 (0-3 COC)
Nixa JV 7-  Webb City 1
Goals by:  Andrew Koban (2), Ethan Pellegran, Caleb Hildebrand, Tyler Stoneberger, Braulio Rodriguez and Jack Robison
Assists by:  Tanner Powley (2), Jack Robison, Jacob Voi, Andrew Koban, Carter Lynn and Tyler Stoneberger