Red and White Scrimmage Thursday March 19th

The Lady Eagle’s Red and White Scrimmage will be Thursday, 5pm at the Nixa Jr. High Stadium.    The girls need to be at the Stadium at 3pm for pictures. 

Immediately following the game we will have a Pizza Party in the Jr. High Cafeteria. (Approx. at 6:45pm) Everyone please pay Brenda Turnbull $5 to cover the cost of pizza.

Come on out and support the Lady Eagles.

Coach Palmer

One thought on “Red and White Scrimmage Thursday March 19th

  1. Hi Coach Palmer!!!
    I just found this website like 3weeks a go, but I have bein without time to write for a litle bit because Im now going to college and here in colombia is very hard (it takes you a lot time).

    I just wish for you and all the Ladies nixa soccer team a very good look in this season!! please try to up load many pictures from the team.

    I mis all the parctices (under the wild summer sun, under the rain, under the HS ceiling, runing very fast that i almost died…), all my teammates, all the coaches, the games, the bus rides, the subway food, the pasta dinners, hanging out to taco bell after the won home games, the managers… well I did so much unforgettable things that I never gona gorget!

    I sent a kind of new year card like in early january, but i don’t know if you guysgot it yet!

    All right say Hi to anyone that asks for me !
    pd: Please excuse me if I made writing mistakes)

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