Upcoming Schedule

Because of the damage from the light pole that fell on our field, Thursday’s game against Waynesville will be played at the Center, JV 4:30 Varsity around 6pm.  There won’t be a scoreboard or places to sit ( we possibly could move some bleachers but we won’t know until tomorrow ) so bring some chairs.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  This will be the last game for the JV.  They have had a great season with a 14-3 record.

Friday the varsity ladies will be practicing up at Plaster Stadium at MSU.  We will ride the bus up there and  leave at 2:45pm.  We should return around 5:45pm.  No Pasta dinner.

Saturday the bus will leave at 4:30pm from the high school.  Game time is 5:30pm at Ozark.

Monday we will practice 3:10-5-10pm at the JH.  We will practice Tuesday from 3:10-4:40pm at the JH with a pasta dinner around 6pm at the Bartell’s.

Wednesday we would play Glendale at 5:30pm at Ozark.

The rest of the season we’ll worry about when we get there.