Practice and Concessions

Starting tomorrow 9/1 we are no longer able to practice at the Center.  All practices will be at the Junior High.  Starting time will be at 3:15 due to the Junior High School not wanting anyone in the parking lot until after 3:10pm.  Tuesday’s practice will go until 5:15 and Wednesday’s will go to 4:45pm.

Remember that we will have practice on Monday Sept. 7th from 6-7:30pm and the Joplin game will be on Tuesday the 8th.

We also need volunteers to help with the Concession Stand for the following games:   (We need 2 families for each time slot I have also emailed a spreadsheet.)

9/8 need JV and Varsity

9/11 need JV and Varsity

9/12 need JV and Varsity (Saturday game)

9/14 need JV and Varsity

9/21 need JV

9/24 need Varsity

9/25 need JV and Varsity

10/19 need JV

10/22 need JV and Varsity

10/27 need JV and Varsity

Thank you,

Coach Palmer