Below is the list of those signed up for concessions.  Thanks to all of the volunteers!

JV (Varsity Parents) 4:30-6pm VARSITY (JV Parents) 6-7:30pm
9/8 Tom & Rex Hanger Michelle Chism & Bernadette
Bret Neathery Canales  & Tracy Dawson
9/11 Angela Hughes 4:45pm Craig Treml 6:45pm
Ann Engleman
9/12 (12:30pm) Schencks & (10:45am)Sherry Young
McFadden’s Brenda Mills
9/14 Gene Wyssmann Dennis and Sheila Hoffman
Melinda Wyssmann Crissy Fenwick
9/17 Angie Woodward Tracy Dawson
Lisa Hogue Michelle Chism
9/21 No JV Game Chism  * Postponed*
9/24 Leann & Jeff Moore Krista Johnson
Jeff Trease, Beth Neathery Craig Treml
9/25 Mark and Pam Overby Michelle Chism
Crissy Fenwick Doug and Suzie Schenck
10/19 Angela Hughes Wright
Bret Neathery Canales
10/22 Teresa Marchandise Krista Johnson
Bret Neathery Ann Engleman
10/27 Dennis & Sheila Michelle Chism
Hoffman Krista Johnson