Nixa Wins First Conference Game

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Nixa Varsity defeated Republic 10-0.    This was Republic’s first game for the program and showed very well.

Scoring for Nixa was:  KhaiUyen Huynh- 3 Goals, Luke Moore- 2 Goals, Weston Hanger, Drake Trease, Quinton Monnig, Andrew Schenck and Austin Engleman each had a goal.

Mason Young had the shutout in goal.  Nixa is now 2-1.

Nixa JV beat Republic 5-0.  Nixa goals by:  Jesse Bihlmeyer- 2 goals and 3 assists, Ryan Berg- 1 goal and 1 assist, Jacob Bratcher- 1 goal and 1 own goal.

The shutout was shared by Hunter Wilson and Josh Pittser.  JV is now 2-1.