Nixa Invitational Schedule Change

New schedule for Friday and Saturday.  Please note that Saturday morning is also different to accommodate schools playing late not having to play so early the next day.  We will do our best to play these Friday games on the Nixa field.  We have Cooper/Lake Country turf reserved in case we can’t.  If games are moved to Cooper, concessions will likely not be available.  Thanks for your patience and cooperation.

Red Pool : Branson, Nixa, Webb City

Gray Pool:Carthage, Greenwood, Neosho

Friday, Sept 10

3:00        Nixa vs. Branson

4:45        Carthage vs. Greenwood

6:30        Nixa vs. Webb City

8:15        Greenwood vs. Neosho


9:00        Branson vs. Webb

10:45     Neosho vs. Carthage

Afternoon games as previously scheduled

1:30 p.m.   5th place game       #3 Red vs. #3 Gray

3:15 p.m.   3rd place game       #2 Red vs. #2 Gray

5:00 p.m.  Championship game    #1 Red vs. #1 Gray

  1. Team listed first is the home team and will provide game balls.
  2. Each team is to provides one ball person fir each of their games.
  3. Games will consist of two 40-minute halves.  If tied after regulation, there will be two 10-minute sudden death overtime periods.  If still tied, we will go to a penalty kick shootout to determine the winner.
  4. The teams that finish 2-0 will play in the championship game.  The 1-1 teams will play in the 3rd place game and the 0-2 teams will play in the 5th place game.
  5. If all teams are tied 1-1, the following tie breakers will be used in this order:
    1. Points – 3 pts for regulation win, 2 pts for overtime win, 1 pt for PK win
    2. Goal differential
    3. Most goals for
    4. Least goals against
    5. Most shutouts
    6. Most corner kicks
    7. Least cards
    8. Coin toss