Nixa 10, Branson 0

First Half:
Goal 1: Payton DeHart, assisted by Kelsey Bartell
Goal 2: Bailey Pesek, assisted by Shelby Zielke
Goal 3: Brittany Kirkpatrick, assisted by DeHart
Goal 4: DeHart, assisted by Rachel Murphy
Goal 5: Pesek, assisted Halie Owen

Second Half
Goal 6: DeHart, assisted by Bartell
Goal 7: Bartell, assisted by Courtney Frerichs and Paige Townsend
Goal 8: Jordyn Hoskins, assisted by Kelsey Haist
Goal 9: Pesek unassisted
Goal 10: Jenny Hoffmann assist by Owen
Shutout is shared by Kristin Miller and Lexi Stagner
Nixa is now 8-1.

Nixa JV 6, Branson 0
Goals by:
Harley Jackson, unassisted
Bailey Pesek, unassisted
Payton DeHart, assisted by Tatum Mangum
Dehart, unassisted
Jackson, assisted by DeHart
Dehart, unassisted
JV is now 6-1-2
Shutout was shared by Lexi Stagner and Hannah Owen