Jefferson City Tournament September 23rd & 24th

Time Field # Teams
4:00pm 2 Jeff City vs. Joplin
4:00pm 3 Helias vs. Troy
6:00pm 2 Nixa vs. Ray Pec
6:00pm 3 NKC vs. Holt
8:00pm 2 Jeff City vs. Poplar Bluff
9:00am 2 Troy vs. Nixa
9:00am 3 Joplin vs. NKC
11:00am 2 Poplar Bluff vs. Helias
11:00am 3 Ray Pec vs. Holt
1:00pm 2 NKC vs. Jeff City
2:00pm 3 Holt vs. Nixa
3:00pm 2 Troy vs. Poplar Bluff
4:00pm 3 Helias vs. Joplin
5:00pm 2 Ray Pec vs. JC

If tied at the end of regulation, the game will end in a tie, no overtime periods.  Games will be played at the 179 Soccer Park on Friday and Saturday. Each team will play three games- two in the pool play and a crossover game has been scheduled for each school. Scoring to determine pool play champions in the tournament will be determined by using the following steps:

A)    3 points for a win and 1 point for a tie and up to 3 pts on goal differential and 1 point for a shutout.

B)    If two teams are tied with total points, the winner of head to head competition (if the two teams played) will determine the higher standing

C)    If still tied, winner determined by total number of shut outs.

D)    If still tied, winner will be determined by fewest goals allowed in pool play games.

E)     If still tied, winner will be determined by total number of goals in pool play games.