Nixa 10, West Plains 0

Paige Townsend with a hat trick.

Nixa Varsity Goals by: 

Alyson Galler

1st Half:
Goal 1, Bailey Pesek, unassisted
Goal 2, Paige Townsend, assisted by Shalynn Thomas
Goal 3, Payton DeHart unassisted
Goal 4, Thomas unassisted
Goal 5, Payton DeHart, assisted by Pesek
Goal 6, Alyson Galler, assisted by DeHart
Goal 7, Townsend unassisted
Second Half:
Goal 8, Rachel Murphy, assisted by DeHart
Goal 9, Townsend unassisted
Goal 10, Galler, unassisted
Shutout by Lexi Stagner
Nixa is now 1-0, West Plains 0-3.
Nixa JV 9, West Plains JV 0.
Goals by:  Hailey Carter (2), Isabel Shirey (2), Hailey McManame, Brooke Beckley, Allie Pritchett, Kiele Fisher and Ali Boehmer.
Assists by:  McManame, Pritchett, Boehmer, Andrea Marquez and Mackenzie Wheeler.
Shutout by Josie Gregory