Nixa 8, West Plains 1

Devin Reum and Andrew Schenck Senior Spotlights


Nixa Goal 1: Austin Engleman, assisted by Zac Chism

West Plains Goal 1: Joey Block, unassisted

Nixa Goal 2: Robert Neathery, assisted by Engleman

Nixa Goal 3: Engleman, assisted by Neathery

Nixa Goal 4: Jacob Bratcher, assisted by Chism


Nixa Goal 5: Trustin Baker, assisted by Bratcher

Nixa Goal 6: Chism, assisted by Quinton Monnig

Nixa Goal 7: Neathery, assisted by Monnig

Nixa Goal 8: Sebastian Marcos, PK

Nixa is now 1-0, West Plains is 0-3.

Nixa JV 6, West Plains 1. Goals by Trustin Baker (3), Joey Clem, Andrew Brink and Hunter Powley. Assists by Lance Moore, Clem (4), and Ryan Berg.

Nixa takes on Pembroke Hill at Home on Saturday at 11am, it is a Varsity Only Contest.