Nixa 6, Neosho 3

1 2 3
First Half:

Nixa Goal 1:  Trustin Baker, assisted Chris Whitlock
Nixa Goal 2:  Joey Clem, assisted by Parker Crawford

Neosho Goal 1:  Juan Casique, unassisted

Nixa Goal 3:  Joey Clem, assisted by Grant Daum

Second Half:

Nixa Goal 4:  Trustin Baker, assisted by Ryan Berg

Nixa Goal 5:  Joey Clem, unassisted

Neosho Goal 2:  Juan Casique, assisted by Jacob Humphrey

Nixa Goal 6:  Cameron Mitchell, assisted by Dominic Dalton

Neosho Goal 3:  Jacob Humphrey, unassisted
Nixa is 5-3 (2-1 COC), Neosho is 1-3 (0-2 COC)
Nixa JV 3-  Neosho 2,Nixa Goals by:  Hunter Powley, Cristobal Vergara and Cody Barnes.  Assists by:  Alex Alvarez and Hunter Powley.

Nixa hosts Vianney from St. Louis on the turf at 6pm Varsity only.