Nixa 9- Neosho 0

1st Half:
1st Goal:  Shay Thomas from Alyson Galler
2nd Goal:  Alex Johnson from Katelynn Pittser
3rd Goal:  Galler from Thomas
4th Goal:  Chloe Cash unassisted
5th Goal:  Johnson Unassisted
2nd Half:
6th Goal:  Pittser from Mackenzie Wheeler
7th Goal:  Johnson from Ali Boehmer
8th Goal:  Thomas unassisted
9th Goal:  Jena Cauble from Daley Townsend

Shutout by Josie Gregory

Nixa’s Record is 3-1; 1-0 in the COC
Neosho’s Record is 1-4; 0-1 in the COC

Nixa JV 10 Neosho 0
Goals by Chloe Cash(2), Abbie Brandt, Arianna Cobb, Bailey Hunsicker, Keely
Harper, Hailey Stamper, Haley Boyd, Kayla Barrentine, and Marrissa
Assists went to Hannah Ast, Arianna Cobb, Shelby Wilkerson, Chloe Cash,
Morgan Christeson, Hailey Stamper, Marrissa Carpenter, and Kylea Baer.

The shutout was shared by Bailey Hunsicker and Laney Macdonald.

Nixa JV is 4-0.