Nixa 10- West Plains 1

First Half:
Goal 1:  Jake Romero, assisted by Payton Wissig
Goal 2:  Andrew Koban, assisted by Jacob Voi
Goal 3:  Kevin King, assisted by Wissig
Second Half:
Goal 4:  Andrew Anello, assisted by King
Goal 5:  Romero, assisted by Brady Harrison
Goal 6:  Romero, assisted by Anello
Goal 7:  Anello, assisted by King
Goal 8:  Hunter Daniels, unassisted
Goal 9:  Carter Lynn, assisted by Ross Lindeman
West Plains Goal:
Goal 10:  Ethan Pellegren, assisted by Tanner Powley
Nixa is 15-4, West Plains is 2-19
Nixa JV 7 West Plains 0
Goals by:  Ethan Pellegren, Riley Hobby, Piersavio Spontella, Tanner Powley, Jacob Carpenter, Colton Coger, Brock Nelson
Assists by:  Tanner Powley, Ethan Pellegren, Nathan Hirsch, Tanner Palmer and Cooper Hines
Shutout shared by Jake Romero and Piersavio Spontella