Nixa 6 Carl Junction 0

Nixa 6 Carl Junction 0
Nixa goals by Carson Beets (3), Riley Lister, Cooper Hines, & Zach Naugle
Assists by Hines, Andrew Anello, Zach Voi, Brock Nelson & Mateo Soriano
Shutout by Nick Reid
Nixa’s Record is 7-3, 4-1 COC; Carl Junction is 1-11, 0-5 COC
Nixa JV 5 Carl Junction JV 0
Nixa goals by Javier Belascoain, Presley Sundy, Carson Palmer, Parker Barnes & Andrew Butler
Assists by Palmer (2), Chase Forrer & Zach Jones
Shutout shared by Jay Rhoades & Allen Fleming
The Varsity Eagles play in the Kickapoo Shootout Th-Sat.  They play Lee’s Summit West at 7:30pm Th, Catholic 5:30pm Fri & Smith-Cotton at 11am on Saturday.