Nixa 3, Waynesville 0

Nixa goals by Andrew Butler, Josh Stoneberger & Carson Palmer

Assists by Colin Cash & Luke Milam

Shutout by Landon Myers

Nixa’s record is 4-4; Waynesville is 2-4

Nixa JV 2 Waynesville 0

Nixa goals by Caden Brown & Anshu Gilyaru

Assists by Zach Jones (2) & Sam Sellenriek

Shutout shared by Logan Elmer & Allen Fleming

The CJ game is changed from 9/29 to 10/15, the Eagles next play on Thursday 10/1 at the Kickapoo Shootout against Kickapoo at 5pm.

Nixa, 4 Branson 2

Nixa goals by Kaleb James (2), Andrew Butler, Zach NaugleNixa Assists by Riley Lister, Naugle, Zack Voelker
Branson goals by Carlton Epps
Nixa’s Record is 3-4, 2-2 COC; Branson is 6-5, 2-2 COC

Nixa JV 3 Branson JV 0

Nixa goals by Corey Kemp (2) & Presley SundyAssists by Sundy & Anshu Gilyaru
Nixa travels to Waynesville on Thursday.