Nixa 5  Webb City 0

Nixa 5  Webb City 0
1st Half:
1st Goal – Hunter Daniels, assisted by Andreas Luiga
2nd Goal – Daniels, pk
2nd Half:
3rd Goal – Ethan Pellegren, assisted by Daniels
4th Goal – Daniels unassisted
5th Goal – Luiga unassisted
Shutout by Josh Stoneberger
Nixa’s Record = 5-4; 4-1 COC; Webb City’s Record = 3-7; 1-3- COC
Nixa JV 2 Webb City JV 0
Nixa goals by Joe Simmons & Sam Wallace; assist by Simmons
Shutout shared by Ben Karr & Josh Stoneberger
Nixa plays at Waynesville on Thursday.

Scores this Week

Tuesday 9/11/18:
Carthage 1  Nixa  0
Carthage JV 6  Nixa  0
Thursday 9/13/18:
Nixa 3  Neosho  1
1st Half:
Neosho Goal – Brian Perez, unassisted
2nd Half:
Nixa Goal – Nathan Hirsch, assisted by Carson Beets
Nixa Goal – Andreas Luiga, assisted by Hirsch
Nixa Goal – Josh Stoneberger, assisted by Hunter Daniels
Nixa’s Record is 4-4, 3-1 COC; Neosho is 2-2, 1-2 COC
Nixa JV  1  Neosho JV  1
Nixa goal by Sam Wallace, assisted by Riley Lister
Nixa JV plays at the Kickapoo Tournament this weekend, both teams are home on Tuesday against Webb City.

Nixa 4, Republic 1

Nixa 4  Republic 1
1st Half:
Republic Goal:  Drew Flippin assisted by Chris Pacheco
Nixa Goal:  Andreas Luiga assisted by Hunter Daniels
Nixa Goal:  Daniels assisted by Tyler Stoneberger
2nd Half:
Nixa Goal:  Daniels assisted by Zach Voi
Nixa Goal:  Tanner Palmer assisted by Carson Beets & Daniels
Nixa’s Record 2-3; 2-0 COC:  Republic is 1-3; 0-1 COC
Nixa JV 3  Republic 1
Nixa Goals by Johnny Gonzalez, Bryce Richmond, & Josh Stoneberger
Assists by Aidan Matlock & Joe Simmons
Nixa travels to Monett on Thursday to take on the Cubs.

Nixa 3,  Carl Junction  0

Nixa 3,  Carl Junction  0
2nd Half:
Nixa Goal:  Hunter Daniels, unassisted
Nixa Goal:  Brock Nelson, assisted by Daniels
Nixa Goal:  Daniels, unassisted
Shutout by Nick Reid
Nixa Record 1-3; 1-0 COC;  Carl Junction Record 0-2; 0-1 COC
Nixa JV 2  Carl Junction  0
Nixa goals by Brody Ball & Aidan Matlock
Shutout shared by Ben Karr & Julian Thomas
Nixa travels to Republic for a COC match up with the Tigers on Tuesday.