Nixa Eagles Boys Middle School





Nixa Varsity 0, Pershing 4

The Nixa Varsity Soccer Team lost to Pershing in the Middle school finals 4-0 last night under the lights at Cooper 1.

Both teams walked onto the field in World Cup fashion and were announced to the better than normal crowd of parents and spectators.

At the first whistle, Nixa came out strong and had Pershing on their heels for the first 15 minutes.  Pershing scored their first goal in the 20 minute on a break away

that we thought was off sides.  Pershing scored their second goal with 2 minutes left in the first half off of a corner kick and Nixa sat 2-0 going into the half.

The second half was a battle from the start, and after another 35 minutes of play, Nixa took second place with a final score of 4-0.  Nixa had a few opportunities to score, but could not find the back of the net.

Hats off to all the players, especially all of our 8th graders as they move on to HS next year.

Nixa finished their season in second place with an overall record of 5-3-0 for this season.  This 8th grade team had an overall record in middle school soccer of 17-5-2, since 6th grade.

The Varsity team sets its sights on post season tournament play starting next Thursday October 24th when Nixa plays Catholic Middle school in the Semi-finals at 7:30PM at the Lake Country Soccer complex.

The winner of Thursday night’s game will go on to the Championship Final played on Monday October 28th at 7:30PM against Pershing Middle School.  Nixa is in second place and is in a great position to win a middle school championship.  We ask all the Nixa Soccer Supporters to come out to Lake Country on the 24th  and if advancing the 28th to help root on your Middle School Varsity Team.

This Nixa Team has an overall record for middle school soccer (6th through 8th grade)  of  17 Wins – 4 Losses – 2 Ties with last year’s season being undefeated in the JV1 league.  Recap of the games is below:

August 26th – Nixa beats Cherokee MS, score 3-0

September 9th – Nixa beats Catholic MS, score 3-0

September 23rd – Nixa plays Pershing MS score 3-1

September 30th – Nixa beats Carver MS, score 8-0

October 7th – Nixa beats Cherokee MS, score 3-1

October 14th – Nixa beats Carver MS, score 11-0

Nixa JV2 – 3 v. Jarrett 1

Goals 2 by Ethan Pellegren (2) and Carson Neal.  Assists from Luke Kerr (2)

Nixa JV2 – 2 v. Ozark 2

Goals by Eddie Grummett & Ethan Pellegreen

Nixa JV2 – 0 v. Pershing 1

Nixa Varsity 1 v. Pershing 3
Nixa JV2 – 1 v. Catholic 5
Goal by Eddie Brummett
Nixa JV2 – 3 v. Pershing 5
Goals Ethan Pellegren (2) and Benjamin Boyd

Nixa JV2 – 1 v. Jarrett 1

Caleb Faulk scored with the assist from Luke Kerr

Nixa JV2 – 4 v. Ozark 3

Goals by:  Caleb Faulk, Eddie Brummett,  Ethan Pellegren,  Luke Kerr

Nixa Varsity 3 v. Catholic 0

Nixa Varsity 3 v. Cherokee 0

Nixa JV2 Wins  Nixa 4   v. New Covenant  2

MS JV1- Ethan Pellegren with assist from Gideon Martin, 1- Gideon Martin, 1- Caleb Faulk, 1- Daniel Brinck with assist from Luke Kerr


The Nixa Boys Varsity soccer team ended the regular season with a record of 4-1-2 (W-L-T).

The Eagles soccer team will start tournament play next Tuesday night when they play Pershing at 7:30 at LCS.  If they advance, they will play on Thursday night at 6:00 for the championship.

Great job and great season end to the Nixa JV1 soccer team last night.

The JV1 Squad beat Ozark 9-1 and clinched the COC Division victory for Nixa.

The team went 7-0-1 (W-L-T) this year, with an undefeated season.  Scoring 59 total goals and only letting in 7 goals for the 8 game session, the boys dominated their opponents and were crowned champions last night out of the 11 school division.

Goals last night came from Brady Harrison (3), Harrison Schober (3), Jake Romero, Adam Boehmer, and Tanner Powley all contributed 1 goal apiece. Jakob Price and Ezra Prather shared the keeper duties.

The Eagles had a great season and the whole team is to be commended on their style of play, dedication to the sport, and their commitment to each other and the team.

Great Job and Well done boys!!!

Varsity Soccer
Monday October 1st Catholic
Win  7-0
Record  2-1-1   (W-L-T)
The Varsity team played well against Catholic.  The whole team continues to play well as a unit and was able to outscore Catholic by 7-0.  Goals came from hunter Wilson (2), Parker Crawford (2), Jacob Romero, Brady Harrison, and Tanner Powley all had one goal.  Jonathan Ghering recorded the shutout and the team moved to a 2-1-1 record for the season.

Varsity Soccer
Monday October 8th Carver
Win  3-0
Record  3-1-1   (W-L-T)
Next game will be October 22nd when Nixa plays Catholic at 7:30PM The Varsity boys continued to play well, but not as hard as they usually do.  The boys played a weaker Carver team to a 3-0 victory with goals coming from Jakob Voi, Parker Crawford, and Victor Arias.  Jonathan Ghering recorded another shut out playing keeper for the Eagles.  This pushes the boys record to 3-1-1 and sets the stage with two dominant teams emerging from the league, Nixa and Cherokee.  The November single elimination tournament should be a good one if the boys continue to play strong.

JV1 Soccer
Tuesday October 2nd against Cherokee
Tie 1-1
Record 5-0-1  (W-L-T)
The JV1 Boys soccer team came out strong against league rivals Cherokee.  Nixa dominated the game with 85% possession and 20 shots on goal.  Unfortunately, the team was only able to convert one goal by Adam Boehmer into the books.  Tanner Powley made a baseline run with the ball in the first half and pushed it back out to Tanner Hartman who scored early, but was called on a questionable off sides call.  Cherokee only had one play where they broke through our defense and had a 1v1 with our keeper Jacob Price. Jacob did a great job cutting the angle down but Cherokee did a great job on finishing, giving them their only goal.  The boys played great, but could not convert any other of their scoring opportunities. The team remains undefeated with a record of 5-0-1 and looks forward to their next opponent.

JV1 Soccer
Tuesday October 9th  against Catholic
Win 3-0
Record 6-0-1  (W-L-T)
Next and last Game for JV1 will be October 16th when they play Ozark for the championship at 7:30PM. The JV1 team had a rocky start in the first half against Springfield’s Catholic, but came alive in the second half of play.  This team remains strong and is a well-knit unit.  The boys played well better possession in the second half and had a more composed and controlled game.  Goals all came in the second half with Abe Martin scoring 2 and Harrison Schober knocking in one.  Tanner Powley had all three assists for the goals.  Jakob Price recorded the shutout as keeper, and the rest on the team again delivered a solid performance in all positions.  The team remains undefeated and will play for the League Championship on Tuesday October 16th at 7:30PM against cross town rivals OZARK.  Please come out in Red and cheer on your JV1 soccer team.
JV2 Soccer
Thursday October 4th against Ozark  and New Covenant
Win 5-0  Ozark , Loss 1-4 New Covenant
Record 2-4-0  (W-L-T)
The JV2 boys had a double header on the 4th and started off the night well against Ozark.  With the boys playing well, goals came from Daniel Brink, Ezra Prather, and Ethan Pellegren had (3).  Goalie duties were shared by Abe Martin and Isaac Diagle. Facing their toughest opponent in their league for the second game, Nixa came out strong, but with already having a 70 minute game under their belts, struggled to finish in the second match.  Jakob Price ripped a hard left footer past the NC keeper to give the Eagles a their only goal for the night.  Isaac Diagle and Nathan Hirsch shared the keeper duties.

JV2 Soccer
Thursday October 11th against Ozark
Win 11-2  Ozark
Record 3-4-0  (W-L-T)
Next and last Game for JV2 will be October 18th when they play New Covenant  at 7:30PM This team keeps growing and getting stronger as the year progresses.  The boys are doing well at figuring out their roles on the pitch and learning how each other plays so they can make better decision during the game.  The 11-2 win against Ozark solidifies this and goals this week came from Ezra Prather (3), Trenton Prather (3), Harrison Schober (2) and Ethan Pellegren, Nathan Hirsch, and Alexander Thatcher each had one.  Harrison Schober and Isaac Diagle shared the keeper duties.  JV2’s last game will be against New Covenant next Thursday night at 7:30PM.  Come out and cheer on the boys.

Varsity Soccer

Monday 24th Cherokee

Loss  1-6

Record  1-1-1   (W-L-T)

Next Game  for the Varsity will be Monday October 1st against Catholic at 7:30

The Varsity team played against a very skilled Cherokee squad last week and had a great first half, but struggled to find the nest in the second half.  We new that this would be the toughest game of the season and held Cherokee to a 2-1 first half score.  Parker Crawford scored first for the Eagles in the first minute of play and it took Cherokee 15 minutes to find the back of the net.  The Eagles let a restart in in the last minute of the first half to go down 2-1.  The second half found the Eagles flat at times and the Eagles took advantage of that by scoring 4 unanswered goals.  Cherokee is still our strongest competition in the league, and I am sure the Eagle squad will face them again in the championship tournament in November.

Varsity Soccer

Monday 1st Catholic

Win 7-0

Record  2-1-1   (W-L-T)

Next Game  for the Varsity will be Monday October 8th against Carver at 7:30

The Eagles took a few minutes to get into the rhythm of the game, but once the boys found their pace, it began raining goals.  The Eagles defensive four of Ross Lindeman, Mitchell Dent, Jason Norton, and Kevin King remain very strong for the Eagles. Building on the defense, the mid’s and forwards have a lot of flexibility in their positioning and play.  Combinations and goals last night came from Hunter Wilson -2, Parker Crawford -2, Jacob Romero, Brady Harrison, and Tanner Powley.  Jonathan Ghering had the shut out in Goal.  The boys continue to play well and get stronger.


JV1 Soccer

Tuesday 25th against Pleasant View

Win 13-0

Record 5-0-0  (W-L-T)

Next Game for the JV1 team will be Tuesday October 2nd against Cherokee at 6:00

The JV1 Boys soccer team came to play last Tuesday night against Pleasant View.  The Eagles commanded the possession on the field and once they settled into the play, they began hitting the back of the net.  The defensive back of Jacob Voi, Trenton Prather, Riley Hobby, and Tyler Clubb has been very solid all season and has allowed the mid’s and forwards to be very secure in their style of play.  The boys got on the board early with goals coming from Tanner Powley (2), Brady Harrison (6), Abe Martin (3), and Jake Romero (1).  Jake Price had the first half shut out playing keeper and Abe Martin had keeper duties for the Eagles in the second half.  The boys played a very controlled game and dominated possession throughout its entirety. The Eagles have stretched their record to 5-0-0 for the season.  The JV1 team has their eyes set on Cherokee tonight with the game starting at  6:00PM.


JV2 Soccer

Thursday 27th against New Covenant

Loss 3-4

Record 1-3-0  (W-L-T)

Next Game for the JV2 team will be Thursday night October 4th where they will play a double header, Ozark 6:00- and New Covenant at 7:30

The JV2 boys did much better playing against New Covenant the second time around. The players worked hard the entire game and did not let down, while scoring 3 of their own goals.  Goals in the game came from Ezra Prather (2) and Abe Martin (1).  The boys continue to build, grow and learn the dynamics of the game and are constantly getting stronger and more competitive as the season progresses.

Varsity Soccer

Monday 17th No Game this week

Record  1-0-1   (W-L-T)

Next Game  for the Varsity will be Monday September 24th against Cherokee at 7:30

The Varsity team did not have a game this week but is preparing for their toughest match of the season against Cherokee next Monday night. 


JV1 Soccer

Tuesday 18th against Pershing Red at 7:30

Win 8-2

Record 4-0-0  (W-L-T)

Next Game for the JV1 team will be Tuesday September 25th against Pleasant View at 6:00

The JV1 Boys soccer team came to the pitch again Tuesday night hungry to play Pershing.  The Eagles took the first 10 minutes to settle into the game and find their stride. The boys got on the board at the 15 minute mark and then never looked back.  Goals came from Tanner Powley (2), Brady Harrison (2), Abe Martin (2), Adam Boehmer (1), and Harrison Schober (1).  Jake Price had the first half shut out playing keeper and Ezra Prather had keeper duties for the Eagles in the second half.  The boys played a very composed and controlled second half and have now stretched their record to 4-0-0 for the season.  The JV1 team has their eyes set on Pleasant View next Tuesday night  at 6:00.

Varsity Soccer Nixa 0- Pershing 0

Record  1-0-1   (W-L-T)

Next Game  for the Varsity will be Monday September 24th against Cherokee at 7:30

The Varsity Boys were evenly matched this week with a very quick and skilled Pershing team.  It was a back and forth contest with Nixa hitting the post on shots twice and not being able to put away two other opportunities.  Pershing had their chances as well and Jonathan Ghering came up big by saving one penalty kick and another free kick just outside the 18 yard box.  The whole team did a great job against Pershing but Jonathan Ghering gets the “Man of the Match” award for his efforts.


JV1 Soccer – Nixa 11- Jarrett 1

Record 3-0-0  (W-L-T)

Next Game for the JV1 team will be Tuesday September 18th against Pershing Red at 7:30

The JV1 Boys soccer team looked great last Tuesday night as they played against Jarrett.  The MS Eagles played very composed and controlled the tempo of the game from start to finish.

Goals for the game came from Brady Harrison (3), Tanner Powley (2), Jake Romero (3), Jacob Price (2), and Abe Martin (1).  The eagles won the game decisively 11-1 and the keeper duties were split by Jacob Price and Ezra Prather.  The team had a great effort all around and will be getting into a tougher schedule in the upcoming weeks.


JV2 Soccer  Nixa 0- New Covenant 12

Record 1-1-0  (W-L-T)

Next Game  for JV2 will be Thursday night September 20th against Ozark at 7:30

The JV2 boys struggled against a very big and physical New covenant team last week.  The players did not let down and did not allow any goals in the last 30 minutes of the game.  Nixa will play NC again later in the season and we will be ready for them.

Varsity MS Soccer against Pershing Red
Win  8-2

The JV1 Boys soccer team looked great this week coming off a win on Tuesday against Pershings Red team by a score of 8-2.  Jakob Price had the keeper duties for the game and goals came from Haden Olsen, Abe Martin, Drew Murray, Tanner Powley, Brady Harrison (2), Adam Boehmer (2). The boys worked the ball very well this week and looked solid all the way around the pitch.  Next match is on Tuesday the 11th against Jarrett at 7:30.

Monday August 27th  Boys Varsity Soccer game vs Carver MS

6-1 Win

The Varsity boys soccer team opened their season well with a 6-1 win over Carver Middle School on Monday.  The team looks pretty solid this year and we are looking forward to a great season.  Goals in the game came from Brady Harrison with a beautiful left foot volley out of the air.  Tanner Powley and Adam Boehmer had a nice combination of passes from a corner kick that sent a long high, far post ball to Jason Norton who knocked it in for a goal.  The man of the match was Parker Crawford with three unassisted goals and a fourth goal from a defensive splitting pass via Tanner Powley.

Jonathan Ghering had keeper duties and had some tremendous saves during the game.  The defensive line of Ross Lindemann,

Kevin King, Jason norton, and Hunter Wilson was rock solid only allowing one goal via a miss communication. It was a great start to our Varsity Season.  Next game will be Monday September 10th at 7:30 against Pershing MS at the LCS complex.

Tuesday August 28th Boys JV1 Soccer game vs Bolivar MS

6-0 Win

The JV1 boys soccer team opened their season last night with a 6-0 win over Bolivar MS.  The team returns 100% of last year’s team and adds a couple new and welcomed faces.  Goals in the game came from Brady Harrison – 2, Abe Martin- 2, Adam Boehmer and Jake Romero each had one goal.  The boys played very composed and put a lot of good passing strings together to dominate the play.

The defensive line of Riley Hobby, Jacob Voi, Trenton Prather, and Haydon Olson was rock solid with their performance.  Jacob Price had the goalie honors for the evening and earned the shutout.  All the boys played very consistently and they are looking forward to a great season of soccer.  The boys next game is Tuesday September 4th at 6:00 PM against Pershing MS at the LCS complex.

Thursday August 30th Boys NIXA JV2 6 – OZARK 2

2011 Season:

JV1 Soccer Nixa 3,  Catholic 1

The JV1 soccer team played well against the Catholic team on Tuesday night.  The boys dominated the possession time and found holes in the Catholic defense. Jaxon Adams passed a ball through to Abe Martin who scored first for Nixa.  Jacob Romero had a break away and scored the second goal for Nixa.  One of Catholics players had a hand ball inside the penalty box and created a PK.  Tanner Powley sealed the deal on the PK and Nixa won 3-1.  Brady Harrison and Jacob Price split the keeper duties for Nixa.  JV1 plays Tuesday against Pershing.

Thursday October 6th

JV2 7- Ozark 1

The JV2 squad, playing with no subs for the evening went into half time with Ozark 2-1.  The boys really stepped it up in the second half, and after making some minor field adjustments went on to beat Ozark 7-1.  Adam Boehmer had (3 goals, 2 assists) Tanner Powley had (2 goals, 3 assists) Brady Harrison had 2 goals.  Brady Harrison and Jakob Price shared keeper responsibilities for the evening.

Tuesday October 4th

JV1 3 v Catholic 4

The boys loss a very disappointing game to Catholic Tuesday after dominating the majority of play, but not being able to find the back on the net.  The team worked hard together, but were not able to get the equalizer when they needed it.  Jakob Price had keeper duties for the night and Adam Boehmer, Jacob Romero, Tanner Powley all had goals.

Monday October 3rd

Varsity 3 v Cherokee 1

The varsity keeps improving as they are headed for tournament play in a few weeks.  The team beat Cherokee 3-1 with the hat trick coming from Logan Tyler (All three goals). Zach Norton played keeper the first half and Jonathan Ghering had keeper duties the second half.

Thursday September 29th

Varsity 3 v Pershing 2

In the best effort yet given by the varsity team, the boys downed Pershing 3-2.  Goals came by Trustin Baker (2) and Logan Tyler (1) with Trustin having the assists.  Jonathan Ghering had keeper duties.

Thursday September 29th

JV2 game against Carver 3-3

The boys had a great come back game on Thursday night.  They were down 3-1 going into half time, but fought back to tie the game 3-3.  Matt Wilson had two goals and Harrison Schober had one as well.  The keeper duties were split between Brady Harrison and Jakob Price.  All the boys had an excellent game on Thursday night and should be proud of their play.

Tuesday September 27th

JV1 game against Pershing 5-3

The boys had a rough first half in the game against Pershing and went into half time with a 3-2 lead.  After making some adjustments and talking about what was happening on the field, the boys really changed their play and stepped it up in the second half.  The Nixa team dominated the field of play and possession in the second half and buried two more goals, winning the game 5-3 against a very physical Pershing team. Goals were scored by Brady Harrison (2), Adam Boehmer (2), Jacob Romero (1).  Assists came from Adam and Jacob as well.  Jakob Price and Brady Harrison shared keeper duties for the night.

Monday September 19th

Varsity Soccer against Catholic, 1-3

The Varsity boys played a good game against Catholic holding them to a 1-1 tie in the first half of play.  Catholic was able to put together two quick counter attacks that Nixa was not able to defend properly and ended the game after 70 minutes’ of play with the score 1-3.  Trustin Baker fed Logan Tyler who scored the one goal for Nixa.  Jonathan Ghering had keeper duties for the night.

Tuesday September 20th

JV1 Soccer against Cherokee, 0-4

The JV1 squad held the Cherokee team to 0-1 score at half time, but struggled in the second half to find the goal. The Nixa players had many attempts to put the ball in the back of the net, but were unable to convert the opportunities as needed.  Final score of the game was 0-4. Jonathan Ghering had keeper duties for the night.

Thursday September 22nd

JV2 Soccer against Cherokee, 2-1

The game for Thursday night got rained out and was played on Sunday afternoon.  The boys came out and had a great showing beating Cherokee 2-1. There was a lot of good effort by all on Sunday.

Brady Harrison had both goals for the game with assists coming from Tanner Powley. Jonathan Ghering had keeper duties for the game.

Monday September 12th

3 – 4 Varsity soccer – Cherokee

Boys Varsity Soccer played Cherokee last Monday and had a good showing, but could not seal the deal in the final minutes.

Joey Clem had the nights hat trick for Nixa with one lone goal and two assists coming from Logan Tyler and Trustin Baker.  The boys played a hard 70 minutes, but fell just short of the victory.  The varsity team faces Catholic this week.

Thursday September 15th

0-7 JV2 Soccer – New Covenant

The JV2 Boys played a decent first half against New Covenant holding them to a 0-1 half time score on Thursday night. The second half found the team struggling to keep up with a team from New Covenant that were laden with 8th and 7th graders facing a team made up of primarily 6th graders.  The boys played hard, but were unmatched in height and speed and the second half gave up 6 more goals.  The JV2 squad faces Cherokee this week.

Friday September 16th

0-1   JV1 Soccer  – Ozark

The JV1 squad looked to face a daunting team from Ozark in size and speed Friday night under the lights, but ended with a respectable outcome.  This was one of the best games this season to watch and the Nixa players were ready to face their opponent.  Outsized in height, the Nixa team made up in skill, speed and endurance.  The team held Ozark to a one goal margin at the end of 70 minutes. Jonathan Ghering had keeper duties and the whole JV1 roster had and outstanding performance and effort on the field.  The JV1 team faces Cherokee this week.

JV1 Game against Greenwood –Nixa 4, Greenwood 0

The boys played very well during the JV1 game against Greenwood. Jonathan Ghering had keeper duties and recorded the shut-out. Drew Murray scored the first goal with a beautiful feed from Adam Boehmer.  Jacob Romero had a lone goal after going up the middle and finding the right corner of the net.  Adam Boehmer scored a lone goal in the second half and put another one away after some great combination work with Tanner Powley.   Jakob Voi had an outstanding game as stopper. JV1’s next game is Tuesday against Ozark.

JV2 Game against Jarrett–Nixa 7, Jarrett 1

The JV2 squad came out with fire against Jarrett.  Tanner Powley started the squad off with a lone goal buried deep into the corner.  Brady Harrison drilled two of his own goals into the back of the net. Jacob Price and Matt Wilson both had goals.  Jacob Gardner had a great finish after Brendan Fusco carried the ball up the right wing and made a beautiful cross directly in front of the goal feeding Jacob for the finish.  Tanner Powley scored his second goal of the game in the last five minutes off of a penalty kick in the box.    Jacob Price and Brady Harrison split the keeper duties for the night.  JV2’s next game is Thursday against New Covenant

Varsity had no game due to Labor Day.  Next game is Monday night September 12th against Cherokee

Varsity Soccer Monday August 29th against Pershing  

Nixa 1, Pershing 2

The Varsity played hard for their first match but did not come out ahead after the final whistle blew. Nixa scored in the 3rd minute from a Logan Tyler throw-in which hit Zach Norton who drove it into the back of the net.  Pershing scored in the 16th and 62 min of play. Jonathan Ghering had keeper duties for the night. Varsities next game is against Cherokee on September 12th at 6:00PM.

JV1 Soccer Tuesday August 30th against Bolivar

Nixa  0, Bolivar 3

The JV1 team came out strong in their first game and dominated the possession and play for the majority of the game.  This team is comprised of 13, 6th graders and 2, 7th graders and was the first time for the 6th graders to play 11v11.  Bolivar had a couple of tall, 8th graders on their team and used that height and speed to their advantage.   Bolivar had only three break aways during the course of the game and unfortunately were able to convert those into goals.  Brady Harrison had keeper duties for the night.  JV1 next game is Tuesday September 6th against Greenwood at 7:30PM.

JV2 Soccer Thursday September 1st against Ozark

Nixa  3, Ozark 4

The JV2 team came out strong as well last week and dominated the majority of the play.  The teams fought back and forth and battled down to the last 6 minutes when Tanner Powley was taken down inside the penalty area, was injured, and had to be removed from the game.  Nixa was not awarded a penalty kick and the teams played to the final score of Nixa 3 and Ozark 4.  Goals for Nixa came from Tanner Powley, Adam Boehmer, and Brady Harrison.  Jakob Price had keeper duties for the night.  JV2 next game is Thursday September 8th against Jarrett at 6:00PM.

2010 Season Recap:

We had a great group of kids this year in our middle school soccer program.  The junior high had 25 players this year ranging from 6th-8th grade and varying in ability and talent.  Both teams ended up with very good records for the year.  JV1 had a record of 5W-1L-2T and the JV2 team ended up with 5W-2L-1T for the season.  The teams were never dominated in any of the combined 3 losses for the season and the combined teams scored 79 goals this season against their opponents.  We will have 17 returning players next year and have a really good 5th grade squad that will be eligible to play next year as 6th graders

The 8th graders that are moving on to high school next year are; Jonathan Gasmick, Hunter Powley, Luke Lines, Marcus Johnson, Ashton Kiger, Andrew Brink, Caleb Davis and  Crayton Stoelzel

I wish all of the 8th graders well as they transition into high school and I look forward to next years 2011 squad.

Coach Toby

Thursday 10/28

Nixa JV2 finished with a 5 – 1 victory against Bolivar.  Trustin led the scoring with 3 unassisted goals.  Cameron added 2 with one being assisted by Trustin.  Bailey was in goal the first half and the last half of the second half.  John started the second half as keeper.

Tuesday 10/19

The NJH JV1 soccer team defeated Greenwood on Tuesday by a score of 6-2.

Goals were scored by Andrew Brink, Trustin Baker(4) Marcus Johnson with assists coming from Bailey Hinkle, Joseph Nickell, Marcus Johnson.  Jonathan Ghering had the keeper duties.

This concluded the JV1 Teams season with a final record of 5W-1L-2T.

The Nixa JV1 team had an excellent season and congratulations goes out to all the boys.

The JV2 team has two more games and will finish their season next Thursday. The NJH Middle School Soccer Team’s will be recognized on Monday October 25th during the half time of the Nixa High School soccer match against Central.  This is the High Schools last home game for 2010 Season.

Thursday 10/14

The NJH JV2 Soccer team beat Republic Thursday night with a score of 9-1.

Goals came from Peyton Gerkin (2), Tristan Salkil (2), Trustin Baker (2) , Bailey Hinkle, Cameron Montana, Caleb Davis with assists coming from Trustin Baker and Ben Daniels.

The keeper duties were covered by Jonathan Ghering.  JV2’s record now stands at 4-1-1 and their next games is this Thursday against New Covenant.

Tuesday 10/12

The NJH JV1 Soccer team had another great finish last night against Pershing.  Jonathan Ghering and Bailey Hinkle shared the keeper duties, allowing only one goal for the game.  Nixa goals were scored by Peyton Gerkin, Bailey Hinkle, Andrew Brink (2), Trustin Baker (2), Hunter Powley, and Caleb Davis.  Players with assists wear Marcus Johnson, Andrew Brink, and Trustin Baker.  Final score of the game was 8-1 Nixa. The JV1 team is now 4-1-2 for the season with one game left next Tuesday night against Greenwood

Tuesday 10/5

In keeping with the theme this fall season, the NJH JV1 soccer team handily defeated the Ozark soccer squad by a score of 4-0.

Bailey Hinkle recorded the shut out.  Goals came from Marcus Johnson, Trustin Baker (2), Andrew Brink, with assists coming from Trustin Baker, Peyton Gerkin, and Hunter Powley respectively.

The team now has a record of 3-1-2 for the season.  JV2 does not have a game this week and JV1’s next game is Tuesday October 12th against Pershing

Sunday 10/3

The JV1 Soccer team beat Republic last week 3-0 with all three goals coming from Trustin Baker who earned the hat trick.

Congratulations to the Nixa High School Varsity soccer team for beating Ozark last Thursday.

The JV2 Soccer team defeated Catholic with a score of 3-1.  Great job to all the Nixa Soccer players last week!

The JV1 Soccer team plays Ozark Tuesday night at 7:30.

Thursday 9/23

The Nixa JH JV2 Soccer team played Fair Grove and had a commanding performance by all.  The goals came by Trustin Baker (4), Andrew Brink (3), Hunter Powley (2), Seth Rinker and Peyton Gerkin both had one for a total of 11 goals to Fair Groves 1.  Sharing the keeper duties for the game were Jonathan Ghering, Parker Crawford, and Peyton Gerkin.

The JV2 our now 2-1-1 and are half way through the season.

Sunday September 19th

The Nixa JH JV2 Soccer team played Carver yesterday and tied them in a high scoring game.

Nixa Goals came by Cameron Montana assisted by Trustin Baker: Peyton Gerkin assisted by Trustin Baker.  Peyton Gerkin assisted by Trustin Baker; Seth Rinker unassisted; Cameron Montana assisted by Parker Crawford; Peyton Gerkin assisted by Parker Crawford.  The Goal keepers were John Ghering and Bailey Hinkle.  Final score for the game was 6 to 6.  JV1 plays Catholic this Tuesday and JV2 plays Fair Grove on Thursday.

Tuesday September 14th

The Nixa JV1 Soccer team played a back and forth battle last night against Cherokee.  Cherokee went up two goals early but Nixa’s Trustin Baker and Peyton Gerkin were able to also put the ball in the back of the net before half time.  Starting the second half, Cherokee again went up two goals early, but Nixa’s Peyton Gerkin scored, assisted by Marcus Johnson and Andrew Brink was able to score the equalizer.  The defensive line of Luke Lines, Hunter Powley, Hunter Wilson, and Jason Norton played a solid game and Jonathan Ghering played keeper and had a good game as well. The JV1 team’s record is now 1-1-1 for the season and will play Catholic next Tuesday night at 6:00PM

Click on links below for schedule and rosters:

Nixa JV1 Schedule

JV 1 Roster Nixa 2010

Nixa JV2 Schedule 2010

JV 2 Roster Nixa 2010

2010 Season Results

September 9th – JV2 Won 8-3 vs. Cherokee

September 8th – JV2 Lost 3-2 vs. Carver Gold

September 7th_ JV1 Lost 4-2 vs. Pershing Red

August 31st– JV1 Won 4-1 vs. Carver

2009 Season

Thursday October 8th

The Boys Varsity Soccer Team beat Willard Monday night 7 to 1 with a great showing by the Varsity team.  Marcus Johnson, Austin Haist and Trustin Baker all had one goal each, while Hunter Wilson and Joey Clem scored 2 goals a piece.  The team really worked together and showed great signs of their unity on the field.  Next game for the Varsity will be next Thursday at 7:30 against Cherokee.

The Junior Varsity Team will play New Covenant tonight at 7:30.

Monday September 28th

The Boys Varsity Soccer Team played another hard fought match last week against Catholic.  Final score was Catholic 3 and Nixa 0.

The Junior Varsity team also played Catholic over the weekend and won 9-1.

The Varsity team is off this week, but the Junior Varsity plays Thursday night against Cherokee at 7:30.  Good Luck!

Monday September 21st

The Boys Junior Varsity Soccer team beat Willard last Thursday night 5-0, extending their winning streak to 3-0 for the season.

Mitch Dotson had two goals and Peyton Gerkin had three.

Monday, September 14th

Nixa 1, Cherokee 3

The Boys Varsity Soccer team had a hard matched game in the rain last night against Cherokee.  Jonathan Snowden was taken down in the first half of play with an injury and will be out for a couple of weeks.

Josh Pittser had an amazing game and was challenged many times by the strong Cherokee offense.  Joey Clem scored the lone goal for Nixa on a break away in the second half.   Final score for the match was Nixa 1 and Cherokee 3.


Varsity played Willard – tie 1-1

JV2 has played
Ozark – win 9-0
Republic – Win 8-2

You can click below to get the PDF schedules for Varsity and JV2.

Middle School JV2 Schedule

Middle School Varsity Schedule

Good Luck Eagles!!!

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